best male masturbation testicle stimulation

I can remember it like it was only yesterday.​ I was in college and becoming more and more curious about my own sexuality.​ Eventually I came across a recommendation from an online forum about male masturbation techniques that focused on testicle stimulation.​ I figured it wasn’t a bad idea to give it a go!

To my surprise it was amazing and felt so good.​ I remember lying on my bed, taking slow deep breaths and stimulating my testicles with my hands.​ I would massage both of them; one at a time and then both at the same time.​ At first I would give a gentle massage and then increase the pressure and speed as I got more comfortable.​

When it came to the point of no return; I had to try to stay in control by breathing slower and focusing on the sensations I felt.​ It wasn’t always easy but absolutely worth it.​ Having my body trembling and my testicles throbbing was a feeling I will never forget.​

But there was more.​ I started experimenting by using a hot or cold compress on my testicles as I was stimulating them.​ It was a great way to increase pleasure and intensity.​ I would switch between the two; hot for a few minutes and then cold and it would send shivers down my spine.​

I also noticed that with this technique I was able to last longer than usual; although I could still reach orgasm with no problem.​ I think having my testicles massaged with a little bit of pressure was helping me to control my excitement.​

It was a great experience and I could tell it was even better than usual masturbation.​ From then on I made sure to put more emphasis on my testicles when masturbating.​

I eventually found out that a lot of people don’t know how to stimulate their testicles and what kind of pleasure they can experience from it.​ Now I make sure to recommend this technique to others as I discovered it can truly improve your sexual experience.​

Nowadays when I want an extra special experience I make sure to include some testicle stimulation.​ I use different oils to increase sensation and pleasure.​ I massage both of them for a few minutes and once I’m getting close I slow down.​ This really helps me to control my excitement and have an even better experience.​

Additionally, I also like to enjoy some light stimulation on my testicles with a feather.​ Doing this right before I’m about to reach orgasm really makes me feel like I’m floating outside of myself.​

Anal and prostate stimulation can also work great in combination with testicle massage.​ I find that slowly stroking my perineum with lube while stimulating my testicles really helps me reach my climax.​

It’s not all about the pleasure! When I shower I like to pay attention to my testicles by making circular motions while washing them.​ This actually helps me to alleviate pain and discomfort.​ So the next time you’re in the shower, make sure to give some extra attention to your testicles!

So now I cannot deny that testicle stimulation has become an important part of my masturbation routine.​ I’m not scared to add new techniques, I love to explore and experiment in the bedroom.​ I think it’s important to find ways to make what we already know even better and in this case it was testicle stimulation.​

It’s best to not rush too much when you are experimenting with testicle stimulation.​ Start off slowly and build up your intensity.​ As you feel more comfortable, try to add new techniques that work for you.​ Pain should never be involved, so keep your pleasure the focus of your practice.​

Next time, you can try out different positions to see how they work best for you.​ This is also a great opportunity to use lube; it can help you get faster and longer orgasms.​ I love to mix it up by using a stimulating and warming oil as an extra layer of pleasure.​

Why not mix in a little bit of bondage? I like to wrap my testicles in a blindfold because it helps to intensify the feelings.​ The lack of vision combined with the binding sensation can be really thrilling.​ Sounds like you should give it a try, don’t you think?

Another way to try and enhance your testicle experience is by using sex toys.​ I recently tried out a vibrator specifically for testicle stimulation and let me tell you; it was out of this world! The vibrations reached all the way to the deepest parts of my body and I could feel everything on a much deeper level.​

Finally, vibrators let’s talk about something that might seem counter intuitive but really isn’t: use a cold compress.​ Yes, you read that right! The sharpness of the cold can sometimes take your experience to a whole new level as it increases pleasure and can significantly reduce your time to climax.​

Whatever techniques you end up deciding to use, make sure to take your own pleasure as the priority.​ Masturbating should always be a moment of self-love and exploration.​ It’s all about making sure you reach your own satisfaction and pleasure.​ If it doesn’t work the first few times, just keep on exploring and experimenting; you will eventually find the right way.​