I have heard all sorts of wildest guesses about how much is spent on sex toys each year. I never knew really, I always assumed it was rather spendy, but never how much exactly. A few days ago, an interesting article caught my eye and I had to dive in.

Turns out, us humans really do open our wallets for our libido. Gobs and gobs of money. In 2016, over $15 billion was spent on sex toys worldwide. That’s more than double what it was in 2008. Whoa!

I love how diverse are human interests, and how they can all contribute to the economy. It’s particularly impressive what the sex toy industry has achieved. From gags and whips to vibes and lotions, people are trying all sorts of new pleasure tools. They seem to be leaving no stone unturned in their quest for satisfaction.

At the same time, sex toys also have been majorly instrumental in helping people explore their sexual identities and find confidence in their own bodies. It can be hard for sex toys certain genders to feel comfortable expressing their sexuality in regular settings, so having a toy for a more private exploration makes a lot of sense.

It goes to show what special connection we have to our bodies, and how pretty yearning they have for pleasure and connection at an emotional level. It’s not just about physical sensations, it’s about how we view ourselves, and how liberated we allow ourselves to be.

It’s no wonder we’ve spent so much on sex toys over the past decade. I don’t believe it’s simply because of the pleasure, but rather because of the opportunity to explore, to discover, vibrators to reclaim – and to feel powerful in our own right.

As well as boosting pleasure, sex toys can also increase connection within romantic relationships. It’s not always easy to be intimate even for the most in-love couples, and what’s wrong with a little help to keep the spark alive. After all, if it means more joy in life, why not take it. We should not be ashamed of our inherent desire for pleasure and connection.

Beyond the interpersonal benefits sex toys bring, a significant part of the money spent on sex toys is driven by guilt-free sex positive messaging, such as the inclusivity of people who use them, how they empower female pleasure, as well as the social acceptance of different sexualities. It’s kind of revolutionary how the society’s evolved in this sense.

Finally, I think it’s also influenced by the increased availability of sex toys. It’s easier to get them, and more discretly buy them. This makes people more comfortable to explore discreetly and experiment without stigma.

Oh, who knew sex toys had such an influence on our lives. They are becoming just another part of the daily life, no longer a taboo. I think people are beginning to realize that sex toys can more than satisfy physical needs, they provide emotional fulfillment as well.luxurious Field rabbit Vibrators 7 speed silicone wire remote control vibrator for women sex ...