increase size with penis pump

Oh boy, a penis pump.​ This conversation starter is usually met with a laugh, Penis Rings eyerolls, smirks, and knowing glances.​ As a guy who wanted to add a little spice to his bedroom performance, my curiosity was piqued.​

So, how do you feel about penis pumps? Well, to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect.​ Despite promising reviews from friends, I had my reservations.​ But I gave it a spin anyway.​ After a few weeks of using it, I was shocked at how well it worked.​

OurDoctor - How Can Penis Rings Help With Better Sex?The idea is simple.​ You put your penis inside a conical tube and pump it to create an air vacuum.​ This vacuum helps your Penis Rings grow in size as blood rushes to its core.​ What’s more, this vacuum helps improve erections to mind boggling lengths and thicknesses.​

Of course, I didn’t expect an overnight transformation.​ But I did observe a gradual increase in size with time.​ My erections were also noticeably harder and lasted longer, which worked wonders in my confidence in the bedroom.​

What’s even better is that you can use the pump while you get aroused.​ This extra stimulation helps you “hold on” for longer during intercourse.​ Plus, I noticed that my girth in circumference increased which made my partners ecstatically happy.​

What’s more, the use of a penis pump seems to be much safer than other methods, such as pills or stretching exercises.​ And it just takes a few minutes of use a day.​

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My experience was so awesome that I’m now convinced that the penis pump works.​ I found myself taking an interest in other men’s experiences with the pump, which in turn gave me insights on the best protocol for using a penis pump.​

I’ve now tried several different types of penis pumps, but I must say that the Hydro pump is my favorite.​ It is comfortable to use, easy to operate and provides great results.​ Plus, it’s waterproof, which means you can use it even in the shower.​

I was amazed at the pleasure it brought me.​ The more I experimented with the pump, the more I began to believe that size does matter.​ Even when my penis wasn’t noticeably bigger, it was significantly harder and did wonders for my confidence.​

I started to go for longer sessions of intercourse and the results were mind blowing.​ The feeling of pleasure I experienced was like nothing I’d ever felt before.​ It was as if a powerful energy was surging through my body.​

When I was feeling brave enough, I also used the pump on my partners.​ And we both had a wonderful time exploring each other’s bodies.​ It was a way to build our intimacy while still staying safe and it also helped add a level of pleasure to our encounter.​

I even ventured into masturbating with the pump.​ It gave me an intense sense of euphoria every time I used it and it also helped me last longer.​ Soon I got hooked and I found myself spending more and more time experimenting with it.​

In the past, I was hesitant to talk about the pump as a sexual enhancement device.​ But now, I’m more than happy to share my experiences with others and reassure them of how the device can be used safely and responsibly.​

Although I appreciate the experiment and the results, the use of the pump shouldn’t be taken lightly.​ You should always start off slow and use it with caution.​ Know your body and take regular breaks.​ More importantly, make sure you don’t exceed the recommended time of use to reduce the risk of damage to your penis.​

I’m still experimenting and learning more about the pros and cons of using the pump.​ But so far, it has been a powerful tool for improving my bedroom performance.​ I’m also aware that there are many alternatives available, so make sure you consider all these options to make an informed decision on what’s best for you.​