male masturbator feelingirl electric automatic vibration masturbation cup

Hey! So, I was looking for a new toy to spice things up and I came across this amazing male masturbator called Feelingirl Electric Automatic Vibration Masturbation Cup.​ Let me tell you, I was mind blown! You know that feeling when you first see a brand-new toy and it makes your heart flutter? Well, that’s how I felt when I saw this one.​

To begin with, the design is really sleek and modern.​ It takes a bit of work to get it to work— five or six clicks of a button, you know how it is — but it is definitely worth it.​ Once it is ready to go, it has so many features and functions.​ It had multiple vibration patterns, and I was able to customize the speed and power of the vibrations.​

The materials used to make this toy are top-notch.​ It feels really smooth against my skin, not abrasive or irritating.​ It is made from a medical grade silicone that is really smooth and almost silky.​ There is also an additional layer of plastic to make it waterproof.​ I was so excited to try it out in the bath.​

Once it was fully charged, I had an absolutely wild experience.​ The sensations were really intense, but also really pleasurable.​ The combination of the vibration and the sleeve’s texture make it unbelievably realistic.​

I was curious to see how the toy would feel with some lubrication.​ So, I put on my favorite water based lube and it really elevated the experience.​ The lubrication made the sleeve even smoother and getting in was a really nice sensation.​ I honestly cannot put in to words how amazing it felt.​

The sleeve has perfect bumps and veins to add to the sensation.​ It is really tight, but not too tight.​ The little ridges feel incredible.​ It is a great toy for role play, and it feels so good! Plus, it has a really quiet motor so I could use it without anyone hearing it.​

This toy really changed my whole routine and I can’t wait to explore all the possibilities it offers.​ I highly recommend everyone to try out the Feelingirl Electric Automatic Vibration Masturbation Cup.​ It is definitely worth it! How about you? What do you think?

Additional Section 1

The sleeve inside the cup is super soft and flexible.​ It moves with your body and feels just like the real thing.​ I did not experience any pain whatsoever, just pure pleasure.​ It also has a grooved design that gives a tighter fit, sort of like having a piece of heaven against your member.​ And the stronger vibrations make it even more intense.​

The warmth of the toy also adds to the experience that I love.​ It heats up to body temperature so that it feels like a real person rather than a toy.​ It is definitely one of the most realistic male masturbators I’ve ever experienced.​

The added bonus of this toy is that I can use any kind of lube on it.​ Whether I want to use water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based lubes, I can use them all.​ Plus, they all work well with the sleeve design and functionality.​

Another great aspect of it is that it’s rechargeable and cordless.​ I can bring it with me wherever I go and use it as many times as I want without having to be near a power source or worry about cord tangles.​ It is super convenient.​

The size of the cup is also really practical.​ It fits easily in my hand and it is not too big to take up too much space.​ It is the perfect size to take with me on the go and store away.​

What I also like about it is that it is really easy to clean.​ I can clean it with warm soapy water and it doesn’t require any special cleaning solutions.​ This makes it really low maintenance and it looks amazing even after multiple uses and multiple cleaning sessions.​

Additional Section 2

One thing I love about this toy is that it is waterproof.​ I can use it in the tub or the shower and have some fun.​ It is perfect for those days when I want to relax and have some personal time before going to bed.​

The other really great feature this toy has is the wireless remote.​ It’s perfect for sex toys couples and you can even control it from across the room.​ I love having my partner take over the controls and switch up the vibration patterns and speeds while I lie back and enjoy it.​

It is also great for solo play.​ I can lay back, turn up the intensity, and lose myself in the pleasure.​ I can always count on it to get me to the finish line without any problems.​ I love that it gives such powerful vibrations and that it lasts so long on a single charge.​

The cup also has a suction feature that does wonders! When I press the cup against my body and turn on the suction mode, I can feel every bit of sensation as if getting a real massage.​ It can also double as a stroker if you want a more realistic and intense experience.​ It is definitely awesome.​

The size of the motor in this cup is particularly impressive.​ It is small and compact but still manages to give off plenty of power to keep things feeling hot and heavy.​ I can always count on it to give me plenty of pleasure and keep up with the intensity.​

It even has a setting that lets me set my own pattern of vibrations.​ This allows me to experiment and sex toys come up with my own perfect combinations of pleasure.​ I love having this much customization and control over my experience.​

Additional Section 3

The buttons on the toy are really ergonomic and easy to use.​ They’re big enough for me to find the right setting with one hand and I can easily switch up the intensity and speed without having to struggle or take my eyes away from the pleasure.​ Plus, the buttons light up which makes it really trendy and cool.​

The control panel is also fairly intuitive, not too many buttons to confuse me or mess me up while I’m in the zone.​ I can also control the toy with the help of an app on my phone.​ It lets me control the speed, intensity, and the audio remotely.​ Talk about ~squeals~ upgrade!

The price is also really affordable and sent me straight to the checkout without a second thought.​ I mean, it’s a powerful toy that looks good and doesn’t break the bank? How could I pass up something like that? I think this toy is a great buy and I’m so glad I got it.​

Furthermore, the customer service from the company behind this product is top-notch.​ They quickly responded to my questions and they’re always super helpful.​ Plus, they let me return the item if I wasn’t happy with it.​ I’m thankful for that because customer service is very important to me.​

This toy exceeded my expectations in so many ways.​ I never thought something like this could be so powerful, yet so discreet.​ That tells me a lot about the commitment and dedication the company put into making this toy.​ It really makes a difference and allows me to take pleasure to the next level.​

Additional Section 4

The Feelingirl Electric Automatic Vibration Masturbation Cup is a toy that really stands out to me.​ It has all the features I desired and more.​ If you’re looking for an amazing male masturbator that has a ton of power and is discreet, then this is definitely worth considering.​

The materials used to make this toy are so smooth and luxurious.​ They feel really good against my skin and the sleeve inside gives me intense sensations like no other.​ It also warms up to body temperature, which really helps me get into things.​

The flexibility, design, and size of this toy really make it stand out.​ It is well designed and made with quality materials.​ Plus, the small size of the motor gives a lot of power and still manages to be quiet.​

The remote control and app are really convenient and so much fun to use with a partner.​ I love that I can control the toy from anywhere in the house and give the control over to my partner while I lay back and enjoy the experience.​

It is also really easy to clean and maintain.​ It only requires some warm soapy water and it is good as new.​ Plus, it is waterproof so I can bring it with me when I take a bath or take it in the shower.​

All in all, the Feelingirl Electric Automatic Vibration Masturbation Cup is a great male masturbator and I highly recommend it.​ It is definitely worth every penny and it is something that I will be using for a long time.​