male mutual masturbation stories

I’m sure we all had our share of mutual masturbation stories when we were still teens.​ Man, those days were fun! For those of you who don’t know, mutual masturbation (or MM as it’s often called) is when two or more people get together and masturbate each other.​ It’s a great way to explore your body and learn about different sexual techniques, all while having a few laughs.​

I remember one particular story from my days of MM that still stands out in my memory.​ It happened at a sleepover with some of my good friends.​ We were all around sixteen, and I think it was my friend’s birthday or something like that.​ We were all having a great time talking and joking around, when someone started talking about MM.​

Before I knew it, we were all getting involved.​ We started off taking turns pleasuring each other, then one at a time.​ It was awesome watching my friends experiment with their bodies, trying out different ways to pleasure themselves and each other.​ As the night progressed, we tried out different techniques, exploring different pleasures that MM could provide.​

We were having such a great time that none of us wanted to go to sleep.​ So, we decided to keep going, including games and fantasies.​ It was a hot, sweaty and adventurous night! We tried different positions and explored different fantasies, pushing the boundaries of pleasure beyond our limits.​ We all had an incredible time!

Admittedly, as awkward as it may have seemed, we had nothing but respect for each other and there was no pressure to do anything we weren’t comfortable with.​ We were all in control and it was the best night ever! Looking back, I feel so grateful to have had such a pleasurable experience with some of my closest friends.​ Mutual masturbation can be awkward, yes, but it can also be incredibly fun and dildos rewarding if done with the right people.​

It was such an amazing experience and I’m glad that I took part in it.​ I’m sure all of my friends would agree.​ We were all so pleased with ourselves for having taken the leap and these days I’m still proud when I remember the experience.​ We had a lot of fun and we’ve all gone on to become confident, sexually mature individuals.​

Experimenting with mutual masturbation showed me that sex can be more than just a physical act.​ It showed me that it can be a source of pleasure and freedom from inhibition.​ It was a liberating feeling to be able to express my desires without any judgement.​ It’s not something I regret or have any shame about – it provided me with a valuable lesson in sex and intimacy.​

Mutual masturbation taught us to be more open and respectful of each other’s perspectives on sex.​ We all had different levels of comfort with it, and we took turns talking about what we liked and what we didn’t.​ This kind of respect was especially important for those of us who had never experienced anything like it before.​ It showed us how important it is to recognize and accept each other’s boundaries.​

An important lesson I learned from my MM experience was to listen to my body.​ Experiencing different techniques gave me a better understanding of my own desires and needs.​ It showed me how to accept and take pleasure in my own body and how to be confident in my sexuality.​ Communication is key, and MM gave us a platform to talk about our pleasure and our desires in a safe environment.​

Having a partner or partners that accept our needs and desires may be hard to find, but it can be done.​ With mutual masturbation we were able to explore our own bodies and those of others in a safe, comfortable environment, free from pressure and judgement.​ This can help us to become more knowledgeable and confident about sex and our bodies.​ I believe that we should all embrace the opportunity to become more sexually confident and Penis Rings educated.​