Oh wow! It’s a shocker, but sleeve mount male masturbation is becoming quite the thing! I’ve been hearing about it for a while so when my buddy offered to take me to his private den I was more than eager.​

For the uninitiated, sleeve mount male masturbation is where a plastic sleeve, kind of like an artificial vagina, is placed around the male genitalia while masturbating.​ Imagine it as a pleasure-enhancing sleeve ready to stimulate your penis as you stroke it.​

I was so excited about going to his place for the experience as I’d heard so much about it.​ He had procured a really good quality sleeve.​ It was made of fleshy and super-soft materials and its texture felt amazing.​ I was immediately reassured that I was in for an amazing experience.​

After prepping for the adventure, my friend affixed the sleeve in the right spot and he turned on the motor.​ It’s really something to witness, what with all the heat and the vibration in the right spots.​ I highly suggest incorporating lube into the experience; it amplifies the pleasure beyond belief.​

When I started to play with the sleeve, I could feel how the texture and size of the shaft worked its magic.​ It was not quite like sex, but it certainly was close enough.​Naturally, all kinds of sensations started to take hold as I increased my intensity.​ I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I had never before experienced something as amazing as this – and it’s all thanks to the sleeve mount male masturbation!

Even though I’m a man of regular strength, I felt my body trembling with ecstasy.​ The pleasure of the experience, the feelings of joy and release were beyond anything I’ve ever felt.​ The orgasm this time around was exquisite.​ I almost lost consciousness due to the intensity of it all.​

Eventually, the experience ended and it left me satisfied.​ I can’t thank my friend enough for introducing me to sleeve mount male masturbation.​ Honestly, it’s an experience I shall never forget.​

Now days, I prefer to use sleeve mount male masturbation to get myself all charged up during downtime, especially when I feel bored and need a mood-booster.​ The pleasure it brings is indescribable and it really helps me unwind after a hectic day.​

What’s great about sleeve mount male masturbation is that there are so many varieties of sleeves and each one has a unique texture that offers a distinct sensation.​ So you’ll never get bored with the same old experience.​Another perk of this type of masturbation is that since it’s done with a sleeve, it feels incredibly intimate.​ Every time you use it, it just creates a greater bond between you two!

My friend has also made sure that the lube he gave me is of the highest quality.​ I don’t have to worry about any chemicals entering my body since the lube he provided is free of parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals.​

The sleeve alone turns masturbation into an almost heavenly experience—but when combined with the perfect lube, it’s a completely out of this world experience! The time I’m spending with the sleeve mount male masturbation is definitely worthwhile.​

Word of advice though: Make sure you try different strokes when using the sleeve.​ Variety really is the spice of life, vibrators so why not get a little fun and creative? Experimenting with the sleeve can be a great way to take the pleasure to a whole new level.​

Plus, if you’re ever tempted to feel shy about sleeve mount male masturbation, don’t.​ After all, Penis Rings it is a perfectly natural act – much like regular masturbation! So go ahead and enjoy to your heart’s content.​