penis pump after a year

It’s been a full year since I made the decision to purchase a penis pump – I can’t believe how much it’s changed my life! When I first saw the penis pump in the store I didn’t really know much about what it was or what it did.​ But I was determined to give it a try.​ After seeing how much pleasure it could bring me, I’m so glad I took the plunge and bought it.​

The biggest change that the penis pump has made to my life is in the area of sexual pleasure.​ I can honestly say that I now feel more confident in the bedroom and I’m able to feel more intense sensations than I’ve ever experienced before.​ My orgasms now are wilder than ever and dildos I’m able to last longer than I ever thought possible.​ My partner has also noticed the change and can’t get enough of it.​

Another great thing about the penis pump is that it has made me more confident in my own body.​ I feel proud of myself that I have asked to take ownership of my own sexual pleasure and I’m no longer embarrassed to be seen nude as I used to be.​ Seeing my body in a different light has really unlocked my confidence and self-esteem.​

What I love the most about the penis pump is how easy it is to use.​ I just lube up the pump and squeeze the air out and then sit back and let it do its job.​ After just a few minutes, my penis is much bigger than usual and I’m ready to go.​ I also find it really convenient that the penis pump is so discreet and can be used in the privacy of my own home without anyone knowing.​

I’m also really glad that I decided to purchase a penis pump because it’s made me think about masturbation in a completely different way.​ I used to think of it as a taboo subject that was best avoided, but now I look forward to times when I can just relax and enjoy the sensations the penis pump has to offer.​

The other area of my life that the Penis Rings pump has impacted is overall confidence.​ After using the penis pump for a year now, I find myself feeling more confident in myself and my relationships.​ I’m not as scared to put myself out there anymore because I’m proud of who I am and feel that I have something special to offer.​ This newfound self-confidence has also impacted my relationships in a positive way – I’m doing better in my relationships than ever before!

One thing I’m really grateful for is that the penis pump really made me think about the importance of pleasure in life.​ After using it for a year, I’m more keenly aware than ever before of why it’s so important to enjoy the physical pleasure that life has to offer.​ Being able to make the most of the pleasure life has to offer has really helped me to make the most of its possibilities.​

Finally, I’ve also discovered something pretty shocking – I’ve found out that there’s no reason at all to be embarrassed about owning a penis pump.​ In fact, more and more people are using them and there’s no shame in doing so.​ I now feel much more confident about being open about using a penis pump and actively recommend it to my friends.​

After using the penis pump for a year now, I can honestly say that I’m in a different place than I was before.​ I’m more confident, more comfortable with my own body and more pleasure-focused than ever before.​ And most importantly, I’m proud that I made the decision to take ownership and use the penis pump! All I can say is that if you’ve been considering giving it a try, I couldn’t recommend it more!