penis sucking device made from brest pump

Wow, I just heard about something really unique – a penis sucking device made from a breast pump! Initially, I was like WTF! But then I began to think about it and started to see the potential.​ I mean, a penis sucking device from a breast pump – now that’s progressive! It could really be revolutionary.​

The idea of using a breast pump as a penis sucking device is crazy, right? But then again, why not? After all, a breast pump is used to extract milk from breasts, and its technology is tried and tested, vibrators and can last for years.​ So why can’t it be used to extract, as I like to call it, man milk?

Child sex doll an obscene item, judge rules - BBC NewsWell, I’m going to go ahead and say that the breast pump-based penis sucking device could be a game-changer for the bedroom.​ Think of all the possibilities it could bring! Respectively, it can be used by people with different sexual preferences, as well as those who just want to spice up their sex life.​ It also has the possibility of being an assistive device for couples with disability or other bodily conditions.​

The current market of sex toys is stagnant and there are not many innovative ideas that stand out, and here’s where the breast pump comes in.​ A device made with its technology would be a much-needed breath of fresh air that people in the bedroom need.​ In addition to its innovate use, the device could even be DIY-ed with a few basic supplies, in case one does not want to make an outright purchase.​

To sum it up, this device has a lot of potential! It could revolutionize the way we talk and think about sex.​ It could be a very useful assistive device and can also be a fun DIY project for sex enthusiasts! It could even open up possibilities for people with special needs.​ Either way, a device like this could change the bedroom game completely.​ It’s definitely something to look out for!