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Before getting my own penis pump sleeve, I did a lot of research.​ I wanted to make sure I was getting the best quality I could.​ After a lot of looking around, I landed on the one I got.​ And I’m so happy I did because it has been so, so helpful.​

I think the thing I most appreciate about the pump sleeve is how flexible it is.​ It can fit any size, and it stays snug so it doesn’t leak or come off.​ And the pump itself is perfect.​ It feels great to pump it and get that nice, tight suction.​ It literally feels like I’m getting a massage!

The pump sleeve is also really easy to clean.​ That was one of my worries before I bought it, since it gets kind of sweaty and sticky.​ But it cleans up quickly, and I don’t have to worry about any bacteria building up.​

The thing I most want to mention about the best Penis Rings pump sleeve is how discreet it is.​ It just looks like a big rubber tube that I can keep around my house.​ No one but me knows what it is, and I don’t have to worry about someone finding it or me having to explain why I have it.​

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Now, if you already have a pump sleeve, the best way to use it is to start pumping and then stop once you feel like you’ve reached the maximum comfortable level.​ After a few seconds, start again, and you’ll notice that your Penis Rings is twice as large as before!

The other thing to keep in mind is to always start with a lower pressure setting.​ You can gradually increase the pressure until you reach a point of comfort.​ This is important because it’ll prevent your penis from being overpumped and becoming sore.​

Finally, when you’ve finished pumping, make sure you release all of the pressure.​ You don’t want to leave any trapped pressure in the sleeve – that could be really uncomfortable.​ Just let it all out and then store your pump sleeve away safely.​

Now, the next step is to enjoy the benefits of having used the best penis pump sleeve.​ I’ve found that my penis stays larger longer after I pump and I’m definitely more confident with a bigger size.​ Plus, I can really see the difference when I’m with my partner – she definitely notices the change!

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