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I’m sure you’ve heard me rave and rave about the countless sex toys I own and my ever growing collection. I’m sure I’ve also mentioned how important it is for me to keep them clean, which is something I hope everyone does. But what soap should you use? Let me tell you my experience.

Firstly, there’s no one size fits all answer. It really depends on what type of sex toy you own and what material it’s made from. Some sex toys come with instructions on what ingredients they recommend for cleaning your toy. For example, my silicone toys recommend using liquid antibacterial soap for cleaning. If that’s the case, I opt for one that is pH balanced as it won’t dry out my sex toys. Some other sex toys however, for example glass, steel or ceramic, will need an antibacterial soap, too, Penis Rings but I use a slightly stronger one as I want to make sure I’m cleaning them properly.

I also like to mix a little water with the antibacterial soap when cleaning my sex toys. That way there’s no excess residue and they’re not too wet. If your sex toy has an o-ring or any kind of fancy propulsion device, I’d suggest avoiding all soaps and instead use a non-abrasive, water-based lubricant. That will keep your sex toy in the best shape possible and help protect it against any damage.

In terms of how often I clean my sex toys, I do it pretty regularly. At least once a week I make sure to give them a good clean. And then, right after I use them -especially if it’s with someone else- I make sure to give them an extra thorough cleaning. I like to have peace of mind that they’re all good and clean and ready for more fun.

Now, I’m not saying that this is the right method for everyone. I just know what works for me and my sex toys. So, if you’re looking for advice on what to do for your toys, the best thing you can do is to read the instructions on the packaging they come in. That will tell you what material the toy is and what kind of soap you need. Other than that, just play it safe and opt for something pH balanced and non-abrasive. That way you know for sure your sex toy is getting the best clean possible.

All in all, what soap to use for cleaning sex toys really depends on the type of sex toy and what material it’s made from. If it comes with instructions, be sure to follow those and try to avoid any kind of harsh soaps. To be on the safe side, opt for something water-based and pH balanced. And once you know what works for you, cleaning your sex toys should be relatively easy!